Freedom on the Fire 🔥

A few weeks ago, I embarked on Fire Walk Instructor training with no expectation, an open heart, and curious mind. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing or learning. The information of what we would experience in those 4 days was limited, kept in the smoke, and for good reason. My edges and boundaries were pushed, ideas and beliefs challenged. The exercises we did together and individually built trust, bonds, and grew my faith in myself and each of my fellow instructors so rapidly.

I learned many important lessons in this training about myself, life, and how I approach life. Here are a few:

  • First, my stories are shared among us all regardless of age, gender, religion, background, faith, or anything else that has made me ever feel separate from another being. My story is your story. Your story is my story. Through this understanding, there is only compassion. There is only love. There is only Unity.
  • Second, the power of vibration and energy is stronger than any belief system or thought pattern when you decide to align with the energy surrounding you. I was scared of using my voice, of dancing in front of people with the lights on, of getting hurt, or hurting others, of so many things that have stopped me for so long. This training reminded me that there is always a choice in taking action, face your fear and evolve, or turn your back and stay the same. I CHOSE to be open and receptive to everyone in that room, to be curious, to be vulnerable, and to share my shadows, my fears, my love, and my heart. I had to choose that my growth was more important than my fear. I chose to show up and so did everyone else in that group. The vibration raised with this group of individuals was so trusting, that an experience I had kept inside of my body for 17 years was released. The fear, shame, and guilt I had been holding onto were released. The vibration and energy raised with this group of people allowed that to happen.
  • And third, I over complicate my life to the max. I over think, over analyze, over process. This is also a choice. There is another option. Let It Be Easy. This is my new mantra. When I feel anxious or sad or annoyed, I remember to just let it be easy. What could I change? How could I show up differently? What is the easiest solution that is the greatest expression of myself and supportive to others? Let it be easy?

After this powerful experience, I realize that I am willing to make challenging choices, I am willing to put myself out there, I am willing to show up for myself, my students, my clients, and my purpose. I am willing to be vulnerable. I am willing to connect with others. I also realize that these three lessons support me in fully stepping into myself.

As you think about stepping into your best version of yourself and perhaps push past your own version of your limiting beliefs about yourself and your gifts, how can you apply these bits of wisdom into your own life?:

  • Your story is my story. My story is your story. We are one.
  • Align yourself with people who are open, willing, and doing the work. They will support you in doing yours.
  • Let it be easy.

Stepping into your power and allowing yourself to be seen is hard. Putting yourself out there authentically is vulnerable. When you realize that your story is one of humanity and connection, it’s a lot easier to create genuine connection as you develop your life, purpose, and passions. Give yourself permission to shine your light in this world. Sometimes, it takes walking over a hot bed of coals to stoke the fire burning inside.