I am more than just a Light Worker…

Over the past 3 months I have been working with my amazing coach to really deepen into the Goddess Leadership Academy. The programs and offerings have evolved into what I believe will be a catalyst for women taking ownership of their life and responsibility for their future. I believe this because it is exactly what I have done over the past several years and especially in the last three months of having a coach so devoted to seeing my purpose fully expressed.

I discovered something vital about myself and the work I do in the world along the way. The ownership of it has truly aligning me with the women I seek to serve.

What I know now is that I am both a Light Worker and Shadow Walker.

A Light Worker is a person whose purpose and sole intention is to support in the healing of Mother Earth, her creatures, her lands, and her resources. They appear as healers, coaches, shamans, guides, conscious peoples, spiritual mentors and conscious leaders.  They have keen intuition and ability to tap into other realms, receive messages, and support others along their journey towards unity and wholeness within themselves and in relationship with other. Through their work and life journey they awaken others to their light.

A Shadow Walker has many positive and negative connotations attached to it, and as with everything, is up for interpretation, perspective, and new meaning as we cycle into this new expansion of consciousness on Earth.

For me, the term “Shadow Walker” came in a mediation as I was feeling into how it is that I truly support the women that I work with. The message I received was clear, the Goddess Hecate appeared to give it to me.

I am a Lighter Worker who walks in the Shadows with the women who need to rediscover their light that has been submerged under the thick fog of negative, traumatic, and possessive experiences.

I share this with an abundant amount of responsibility and integrity.

I walk with women through their darkness, sharing my light so they may see their truth. I work with them to accept, understand, learn, forgive, and love all parts and aspects of themselves, their experiences.

I believe this is the work I have chosen to come to this Earth in this lifetime to do. I believe this because I first had to do it for myself and know the power that the shadow holds. It was only in walking through my own dark shadows that the veil of thick fog dissipated as I began to know my true identity in this life. The more I sought to know myself the brighter, more radiant my light began to grow.  

I could not know my greatness, feel my light, own my truth, or use my voice until I chose to take an honest look at myself, my behaviors, my experiences, and my heart. It was terrifying to start and took an immense amount of courage in the face of fear to do. It still does every day.

With all of this, I accept fully most of all  that while I am a Light Worker & Shadow Walker, I am first a Human Being seeking simply to navigate this life wholeheartedly, with compassion for self, all beings, creatures, and Mother Earth.

We all have shadows, a veil of fog.
We all have light.
We must learn to walk in both with a loving, kind, compassionate, and forgiving heart.
For we know this life is cyclical, we will be submerged in shadows and emerge in light.
How graceful that cycle depends on a willingness to walk through it with awareness and trust.