New Moon, Deep Emotion, & the Goddess to Get Us Through

​Emotions have been running high these past few weeks as Pisces energy took full force. Experiences that we may have thought we worked through are suddenly surfacing and the emotions are coming up with it. These can be intense, especially  if you are a water sign, and even more so if your a Pisces Sun. You may find yourself reacting out of your emotions, getting worked up easily, or  feeling generally unbalanced. 

Pisces is the most intuitive of the signs with a natural understanding for the wisdom and cycles of life. This energy is concerned for the greater and higher good of all and as such, you may find that you are emotionally connecting yourself to others around you, a traditional quality of Pisces. Be aware of what is yours, and what is not. This sign easily falls into victim and martyr patterns when not observant of ones own actions, emotions, & behaviors. 

During this time, we are offered a space of solitude and exploration within our own imagination. Do some intuitive self work. While the sky is still dark, before the first slice of silver moon peaks out, take the time to reflect on what is surfacing for you. ​Connect with your heart, listen to your thoughts, dreams, desires. Let your mind play in the dreamscape of your inner psyche. This is the realm of Pisces. Notice what stories are coming up and inquire to the greater lesson. How can you use this information to bring you closer to your desires for self, life? 

Express your awareness through an artistic endeavor – paint, sing, dance, draw, create! Let your emotions flow through beauty. 

And remember, a Goddess always has your back. 

Kuan Yin, Celestial Bodhisattva, a human girl on the threshold of enlightenment, chose not to enter the heavenly realm, instead vowed to stay with the beings of Earth until all are deemed Holy and suffering subsides. 

Her devotion is compassion, offering her blessings to every person who prays to her. Answering every call. 
You can find her standing on a lotus floating across the ocean holding willows in one hand and a vase filled with sweet dew, the water of compassion in the other. Kuan Yin is connected to the watery realms and calling on her for compassion and healing while you step into your personal reflections will aid you in finding peace and clarity. 

For this New Moon in Pisces, I invite you into a gentle mediation and journal ritual: 
You will need a small bowl of water, a pen, journal, gentle music, and a sacred space where you can be alone. 
*optional rose quartz crystal 

Light the candles, put on gentle music, close your eyes. 
Sit comfortably with a straight spine.
Begin to breathe deeply in through the nose out through the mouth for 5 rounds. 
Return to normal breathing. 
Speak out Kuan Yins name three times.
Have your right hand, palm up to receive energy.
Take your left fingertips and place them in the bowl of water with the rose quartz crystal.
Reflect on your day, week, month. Tap into your emotional body. 
What stories arise, what thoughts, dreams, desires. 
Let them come up and move through them.
Give yourself permission to feel all of the emotions the surface. 
Notice your fears and anxieties.
Ask Kuan Yin to free you from these. Offer her your devotion.
Say her name 3 times. 
Draw in a deep inhale, exhale out of the mouth. 
Continue to breathe deeply until you feel complete. 
Gently open your eyes. 

Journal about your experience – let everything that surfaces be written down. Let it out of the body.
Call on Kuan Yin whenever you seek compassion or help in rising above your fears. 
She will answer. 

Use the energy of this new moon to connect with yourself and the Goddess. 
Let your imagination be free and your emotions clear out. 

If you found this information useful or enjoyed the ritual, please leave me a comment below. 
I would love to connect with you. 

Blessed be, 
Sharon Rose