Writing our Herstory

I want to start by just expressing how much gratitude is in my heart.

This past Saturday was the first of a series of leadership gatherings in which a phenomenal group of women joined together to share and discuss experiences, re-write our stories, and move forward in the energy of the Matriarch. My heart is so full. The Goddess Talks has been brewing for sometime in my soul and now it is birthed.

I want to share with you a bit about what we discussed.

Connecting through our stories, we shine a bright light on the patterns and behaviors that have been taught to us since the Ancient times, we call these Archetypes. Some of these are toxic, leading to many of the circumstances we deal with today. Coming together, identifying the archetypal patterns and stories, we engage in the opportunity to change them. Bringing awareness, choosing to change ourselves, creates a ripple effect in the Universe that others will pick up on.

Yesterday we discussed the Greek Myth of Hera, wife of Zeus, Olympian God and King of Mt. Olympus. This story is not all rainbows so please be aware it may trigger you in some ways. It can be broken down into many different examples of current behaviors we see in today society.

Hera represented the ideal woman and was goddess of marriage and the family, one of the very few deities that remained faithful to her partner and she therefore came to symbolize monogamy and fidelity.

Hera’s classic story, told for us for all of time, is that Hera did not want to marry Zeus and stated so many time. He, unable to take no for an answer, turned himself into a wounded bird and landed on her lap knowing that she would care for him. When she did, he turned himself back into his male form and raped her, impregnating her. Hera, feeling the shame and guilt, agreed to marry him.

Zeus would go on to have many affairs and impregnate many more, causing Hera to become jealous, bitter, and angry towards towards not just Zeus, but also the many women and their offspring. She took vengeance out on the other women, cursing them, sabotaging them.

Yet, this was not her true nature. This was who she became after her sovereignty was stolen from her.

We can see here parallels to the same situations we are engaged with today. 
Lack of Consent
Shame & Guilt
Rape Culture
Ill placement of reaction & response – women against women instead of the person causing the problem

This is the story that has been told and retold for generations and it has been embedded in our subconscious in such a way we don’t even recognize the source from which it came.

Yesterday, Hera came to us to be seen and heard. I have been working with Hera closely since October when Artemis, my patron Goddess and the illegitimate child of Zeus, passed the torch of leadership to Hera. This signified not only a new cycle in my work with the Goddess, but also how Hera has healed her wounds, moving forward in light and connection with the women on her path.

She shared with us and we wrote the next chapter of her Herstory.

No longer will Hera be a victim of trickery, anger, bitterness, and jealousy.
No longer will WE tell these stories of untruths. 

This is now her story.

Hera is Queen of Mt. Olympus. Healed from her shame & guilt she carried with her for lifetimes because of the actions of Zeus. No longer is she angry with Leto, Artemis, Io, Semele, Callisto, Alkmene, and the many more women who she was turned against in her own hurt.

Hera has taken her pain and circumstance, turned into her power to heal herself, now bringing women together in support, healing, and honor of one another. She gathers us together to speak our experiences, knowing we are not alone, that heals us.

She is the leader of the new feminist, women’s Matriarchal movement. A movement that is forgiving, understanding, courageous, and loving. A movement that seeks to educate and transform.

She is being felt and heard in the hearts of women everywhere. 💗

As for Zeus, brothers, his story is for you to heal. Divine Masculine, it is your time. You must look into your ancient stories, archetypes, behaviors, patterns, thoughts and you must step into your healing. The Divine Feminine will hold you, support you, love you, honor you in your process.

This is the first of many stories that will continue to be re-written. 
The Goddesses are appearing to woman everywhere. The Matriarch, the energy, qualities of Feminine Leadership is flourishing. 
We are creating a new reality. 

I am blessed to be a Priestess of the Goddess and share her teachings. I am forever grateful. 
Thank you for being a part of this journey.
It is through connection that we heal.