Preparing, Cleansing, & Healing with the Spring Equinox

It is no secret that the world is in a place of uncertainty. We are right to be nervous, afraid, and fearful. It is the natural trauma response of the body when we lose control, and in this case control over our lives. When we are unclear about how to best protect our loved ones, and when there is no sure point in time when life will return to normalcy, we are valid in our fear. 

We are also beings of limitless potential, understanding, healing, and creation. We must never forget this. 

We started the month of March with hope in our hearts, most people unaware of the virus that would sweep across the world. It was bliss and ignorance as many of us lived out our lives in our status quo. Now, we see things differently. We behave differently. We speak differently. This is not by accident. 

The Full Super Moon in Virgo on March 9th gave us clues and asked us to start paying attention to our health, our day-to-day routines, our habits, and our lifestyle. It asked us to reflect on what was supporting us in being the most healthy, happy versions of ourselves and to create the space for grieving of the old self. Grieving of the ways of the past. 

This grieving which encompasses releasing of past selves, habits, and behaviors, is something that applies to the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal experience of the collective, including Mother Earth and all of her creatures. 

Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox, the beginning of a fresh new cycle. This cycle is one that represents clearing and manifestation. “Spring Cleaning” is vital at this time. For as long as humanity has documented its experience, this has been one of them and you can find its roots in Iranian, Chinese, Jewish, and Pagan traditions; sometimes associated with the New Year of these cultures, the Equinox is the New Year. 

When we clear our homes of clutter and dust, we also clear the energy, resetting our place of rest and nurturing. Fresh air, freshly cleaned floors, walls, and closets. There is new space created, and with new space comes new ideas, new emotions, new clarity, and new understanding. We need this now more than ever. We need to cleanse our homes, our spirits, our minds, and our hearts of the fear and uncertainty, even if only for a moment. 

The New Moon in Aries is approaching on March 24th at 5:28a EST, and 2:28a PST and this energy will last until April 22nd.  As a Cardinal sign and Fire element, Aries season is a phase that initiates action and generates energy. With Aries, the need to understand the self and the self’s strengths is key. This understanding of self helps to build personal integrity and confidence needed to establish a way to move forward. Aries speaks to building something new and leaving the past behind.

This is important because Chiron, the Wounded Healer and Black Moon Lilith are influencing our stars and our hearts during this New Moon. We are in for serious karmic and deep wound healing. When we do our personal healing, we heal each other, and in turn we heal the world and its systems. 

Chiron represents our deep soul wounds and our capacity to heal them ourselves, creating the ripple effect of healing others. This new moon will be exposing the deepest of these wounds. In our current state, this looks like fear of our mortality, ability to provide and survive, the unveiling of the true effect humans are having on Mother Earth, and much more. We are going to see ourselves at our most vulnerable. This is something we desperately need. 

We cannot heal what we cannot see. 

You may feel like turning a blind eye and denying the new awarenesses but this will only make the healing process more painful. Prepare and allow yourself to feel fully the emotions that arise such as grief, more fear, anger, rejection, and alienation. Know who you can turn to for support in healing more so than just venting. This is what the Virgo Full Moon and the Spring Equinox has been preparing us for. 

Black Moon Lilith is our magical, deep, intuitive, inner beings knowing of how to transform and transmute these overwhelming emotions into something productive and profound. You will have to look for new practices, hobbies, projects, beliefs, sources of information, and connection that will support you in the healing of the deep wound Chiron is bringing to the surface for you during this time. 

It is time to lean into our fears and troubles so we can more fully transform. It will not be easy, pretty, or fun. It will take courage, bravery, and a willingness to be open and receptive to the unknown. 

As mandated isolation looms, there will be feelings of anxiety, frustration, anger, and more. These must be witnessed and released to create the space of healing within. Isolation is the space of individual learning of one’s self. Use this time to reconnect with yourself by leaning into your fears and worries. There is much information, knowledge, and truth hidden beneath the surface of your everyday life and business. We are being given the opportunity to rediscover these parts of ourselves. 

The inner work you do now will affect the next phase of your life, your families’ and friends’ life, and the life cycle of humanity as a whole. 

“We often hide our darkest aspects from ourselves and don’t allow them to the surface; otherwise, we couldn’t act out our bright and sunny personality traits too convincingly for others… Darkness and depth are the prerequisites of the Goddess in her full powers.”

It is time to honor our darkness and our fear so we may step fully into the true power of human nature. Healing, Compassion, Empathy, Unconditional Love, Courage, Vulnerability, Understanding, Right Action. 

If we want to see change in the external systems, we must also change our internal systems. 

Below are some practices and exercises to support you during this time:

Breathing – Our breath is our life force energy. It is our catalyst for grounding and returning to peace within our bodies. When you feel tension building in your heart, mind, and body – Pause. Take a step back from the situation, conversation, or circumstance. Sit down and put your feet flat on the Earth or stand up nice and tall engaging the muscle of your legs and abdominal. In whichever position you choose, take in a deep inhale as you roll the shoulders up towards your ears and exhale as you open your heart, drawing your shoulders down your back. Allow the shoulders to relax and heart to remain open. Slightly tuck the chin and feel the crown of the head extend towards the sky, allowing the back of the neck to find length. Bring your left hand to your heart, and your right hand to your belly. Bring your awareness to your breath. Starting with the noticing of the rise and fall of the torso with each inhale and exhale. Allow the breath to naturally deepen without force. Just be in this moment with your breath. When your mind wanders, which it will, when you are aware you have moved from the breath, simply say thank you and return to paying attention to your inhales and exhales. Do this for as long as you feel. 

Spring Clean – Open your windows, take out the cleaning supplies, and let your home be renewed. Set yourself up with a plan so you do not become overwhelmed. Approach the experience with the “one room at a time/project” mentality. Make a plan for the next fews days. For example, I will focus on cleaning the bathrooms, washing the sheets, and vacuuming in the morning. Once I complete those, I will take a break. Then I will move onto the kitchen and dusting. And so on and so forth. Break it down into small projects rather than focusing on the story you are telling yourself about how much time or energy it is going to take to do this. Remind yourself of why you are doing it! Clarity, Cleansing, Renewal, Peace, Growth. 

Meditate – I know this is a tough one for many. My invitation is to simply sit on your couch with your back straight in a comfortable position, either cross legged or with feet flat on the ground, and with a nice tall erect spine. Put on some classical or soft piano music, a guided meditation, or binaural beats. Close your eyes and just BE. Let your focus and awareness be on the music or recording of your choice. When you find your mind wandering, which it will, say thank you and return to your chosen point of focus. Be in this practice for 5 minutes a day. The key to maintaining a meditation practice is accepting that your mind will wander and emotions will rise and fall. That is the cause for the entire practice. When your mind wanders and you feel frustrated for not staying connected to the music, STAY PUT. Return to the music and let the emotion move through you. DO NOT GIVE INTO THE EMOTION. Let it run its course. This is the practice of meditation. 

Movement – Every day, move your body. Simple stretches will do. No need for fancy yoga postures, clothes, or studio classes. Simply stand up, place your feet hips-width distance apart, tuck your pelvis in, engage the core, and inhale your arms up over your head. Breathe. On an exhale slowly begin to hinge at the hips as you move into a standing forward fold. Grab a hold of opposite elbows and sway side to side, release the head and neck. Put a bend into the knees to support the low back. Be here. On an inhale, slowly roll up to standing and repeat at least 5x. You can also find classes on YouTube or the many practitioners who are offering it virtually via FB and IG at the moment. Keep your energy moving in your physical body. 

Nourishment – More than ever right now, focusing on eating fruits and vegetables is needed to support your immune system in staying strong. While it is easier to stock up on non-perishable items, freezing raw or cooked meals is going to ensure your body stays healthy. Look up recipes that you can cook using fresh fruits and veggies and then freeze them in rations that are good for a meal. Simply defrost and enjoy. 

I send you my love and prayers as we move through this experience individually and together. Stay healthy, active, and inspired. 

If you need any support, please send me an email at 

All the love of the Goddess, 
Sharon Rose