Im Sharon Rose! High Priestess, Entrepreneur, and Womens Empowerment Activist devoted to helping you connect more deeply to yourself so you can live your most vibrant life.

Born in Miami and raised in NYC, I found my true calling in the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. Over the past decade, I have spent my time diving deep into my own heart, discovering and clearing out the beliefs, sorties, and behaviors that have held me back from living the life I have always known I deserved. A life of love, fun, creativity, and exploration. 

From my personal work, I am proud to say it led me here, High Priestess to the Goddess and Creatrix of the Goddess Leadership Academy. Within the Academies private and group coaching programs, live events, webinars, and private online community, I help women like you reclaim their power and take meaningful action towards sustainable change. 

Hey sister!

My Experience

“So how did you get here?”

The truth is, the Goddess has been leading me here my entire life. I believe that we incarnate into the experiences, families, and social environments that are meant to be our greatest teachers for self development and exploration. Never in a million years would I have thought growing up that I would be an activist for women's spirituality and empowerment. Here’s why:

Growing up with my mother and father with four sisters, I never felt I had any real connection to the five closest women in my life. My grandmother was also heavily involved in my upbringing, so I would even say six closet women. I loved them, they are my family. But, I’m talking deep spiritual, soul connection. I would see friends and classmates with their sisters and how close they were and I would be envious, wondering why I didn’t have that. 

I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school, and was even an alter girl in the church.I loved it. I loved learning about religion in school, I loved the smell of the church when the Frankincense was burning, I loved the ritual, I loved the prayer, I loved the stories, and I even loved the confession. I didn’t understand the politics of the Catholic Church back then, but I resonated and was deeply connected to the spiritual aspects of it. When I was 11 and moved into public school, everything I connected with spiritually was gone. Religion and spiritual practices were no longer part of may everyday and I lost myself quickly. 

I knew I wanted to work in hospitality like my dad since the third grade. While on vacation in South Carolina with my family, I remember looking out over the rooms balcony at the pool and everyone having so much fun. I told myself in that moment, I always want to make sure people are having fun and to me that translated into hotel management. I held that with me until I was 25. I have two degrees in hospitality management and worked in the industry until I was 25 when everything changed. 

“Tell me about your Quarter Life Crisis!”

I started practicing yoga when I was 19 but really got back into it at 23. I was single in a new city and needed something to do. I fell in love instantly and knew something was about to transpire. At this time I was well into my hospitality career and working my way up the corporate ladder. I was practicing yoga, sometimes twice a day, before and after work, sometimes in between. It started to open me up. I began to feel differently, want different things, believe in different possibilities. 
My mind started to expand, my heart burst open, and I started to spiral into a depression. I was battling this new found awareness that there was more to life than just my career and I was missing out on it. I spent the next two and a half years trying to maintain my hospitality career and the lifestyle that came with it while also discovering my truth, my desires, my passions. 

By the time I reached 25 I knew I needed to make a change. My loyalty to my career that supported and gave me drive since the third grade was slowly killing me. I could no longer pretend that I was going to be able to continue this path. I quit my job, started waitressing, and took a few months to figure out my next move. 

It was scary because while my income drastically decreased, my expenses remained the same. I had to figure out my next move quick. I prayed to God that I something happen to get me out the depression and the internal mess I had gotten myself into. The Universe answered.

“Hello, Arizona.”

The opportunity to move to Arizona presented itself. I took it. I drove across the country over five days with my sister and my cat, Delilah. We stopped in several cities along the way, it was an inspiring trip. Freedom. 

I started yoga teacher training, life coaching, and nutrition school. I took another coaching program, and another. I loved it. I learned and discovered so much about myself. I made amazing friends, found incredible mentors, and reconnected to myself. 

Then I was brought to my first New Moon Womens circle and my life was illuminated. 
I stepped into a circle with 35 women, meditated, learned about the Goddess, spoke truth, and head even more. This was the start to the something so great, something smooch bigger than me. 

“I believe that through other women, through the Goddess, we can heal ourselves, each other, and the Earth” 

This one circle put me on my path of empowerment, for myself and every woman on this Earth. I was free in the moment I was in the circle. The energy and love of the Divine Feminine ran through my bones as I remembered the truth of who I was; a woman, a divine source of balanced energy, a vibrant soul, a spirit waiting to be fully expressed. 

“I am devoted to awakening women to their truth and empowering them to take action to create their most vibrant self” 

This world is calling for the Divine Feminine to reclaim their power and rise to the energy of the Matriarch. To bring balance to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. To step fully into their place in leadership of the home, workplace, community, and world. 

This is your calling and we need you. We need you in all of your truth, authenticity, and compassion. We need you to rise into your place in the Matriarchy. 

I believe you have everything you need inside of you. I believe you have gifts, passions, creative forces, sensuality, sexuality, love, compassion, and empathy waiting to be seen and heard in the world. Whether you want to be a homemaker, artist, musician, business owner, scientist, whatever your calling, I believe in you. I believe that no matter what challenges and obstacles stand in your way, you can rise. You can lean on your sisterhood, on the Goddess, and on me for support. You can be the leader of your life. You can be the woman in charge. 

This belief in myself and in you comes from hard word, devotion, trust, and grace. I have been blessed with incredible mentors along the way to support me in getting here. Everyday I strive to be better, to learn new things, to create, to understand, and to uplift and empower the women around me. 

Which has led me to you sweet sister. 

I am here to be of service. I am here to help you discover for yourself your power and strength. To move through the limiting beliefs, habits, and behaviors that stop you from showing up as you are truly meant to in this life. This Academy is founded on the values of sharing stories, connecting, community, leadership, education, and the Matriarchy. 

Through free content, paid programs, live events, and everything else we offer, it is all for you to step more fully into your self. To connect more deeply with source energy be it Goddess, Universe, Spirit, or God. To live the most authentic, creative, and vibrant life you deserve. To be the leader and the Matriarch. 

If this if your first dance in the mystery of the Divine Feminine and Goddess or you are a practicing woman seeking deeper connect, there is something for you here. 

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- Danielle Humphrey

My coach, Sharon, is amazing. Through her love and support I have been able to move through secrets and beliefs that have held me hostage for nearly 30 years! I appreciate her honesty, when needed, and her encouragement. She really did see the best version of me that I couldn't yet see for myself. Through my work with her, I feel as if I've become a Goddess. If you are willing to accept your greatness and do the work to step into your Goddess form, I highly encourage you to work with Sharon.💜💜💜

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