An 8-Month Immersive journey to the self and beyond. 
For the woman who is ready to discover herself, the Sacred Feminine, and access the realms of the Matriarchy through leadership in the world.

The Matriarch Mentorship

I believe you are ready sister. I believe that you are the Woman to step fully into the Matriarchy as a lover, a leader, a healer, and warrior. Through the Goddess Priestess you will expand your consciousness of self to explore the realms of the Divine Feminine Masters who hold the secrets to Divine Union within. From a place of self compassion, empathy, and strength you will move forward on to manifest this Knowing into the world through your chosen path of leadership be it a business venture, personal project, or other mode of self expression, becoming fully the Matriarch. You will connect with 12 more Goddesses and Her Rituals, discover the Goddess Archetypes, and Affirm yourself as a Leader in the Matriarchal movement, impacting and uplifting others. 

The future of our Mother Earth, our children and future generation to comes relies upon our willingness now to be fully engaged with the balancing and Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. The Matriarchy as the paradigm from which we lead offers of the opportunity to be a part of that balance. Honor your truth as the Matriarch in your life and share that knowing with the world through leadership. 

Are you ready to live your truth, explore your strengths, and lead through love?
Do you have a vision for great change in your life, community, or world? 
Can you see yourself having a greater impact in this lifetime? 
Do you want to see the world run differently? 

1:1 impact, focus, strategy, action and spirit driven coaching
24 Weekly - 120 min ZOOM call PLUS Integration weeks
The Entire Goddess Priestess Program & All bonuses 
Weekly Accountable Follow Up & Email Coaching
Unlimited Email and Text Access
Printed Matriarch Workbook
2-day In Person Initiation Experience 

The Goddess Priestess - Weeks 1-15
The Matriarch - Weeks 16-30
Week 31 - 2-Day In Person Immersion and Initiation into the Matriarchy 

The Mentorship

The Details

You feel disconnected from yourself, spirituality or your faith
You are curious about Womens faith and traditions
You are seeking a deeper connection to self and other women
You want to explore the Goddess 
You are interested in Womens cycles and psychology 
You feel unsure of yourself, who you are, and want to develop your strength through community 
You want to feel inspired, heard, loved, and courageous 

Sister, this program is for you if:

This is what you can expect:

Accountability & Creation
Deep conversation, story telling, healing, and vulnerability
Life long support and sisterhood
A new understanding of what it means to be a woman
A safe space to be yourself, share yourself, and create yourself 

This Goddess Unveiled and this sisterhood is here to support you in birthing your highest, truest, most vibrant self into the world. 

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The Matriarch Discovered

Dive deep into your big dream for life, passions, and expression. How do you want to feel, act, be? We will align mind, body, soul to bring you into the highest vibration of living your dream life, activating the Law of Attraction

module 1

The Maiden: Discover & Play

Discover your bigger dream of service in your life and world. We will play in the possibility of all that you can create and is currently available to you. You will define your goals and set you on an action plan to achieving them!

module 2

The Mother: Values & Intention

The Mother invites you to looks deeper into your values and intentions for what you are seeking to do. You will align your goals with your values, personal & professional. You will cultivate your clear intentions for the work you seek to do & are putting into the world for spirit driven Law of Attraction activation.

module 3

The Crone: Solitude, Time For Work, Scheduling

Solitude is necessary to the creation of all soul expressions. The Crone invites you to take an honest look at your personal responsibilities, priorities and create the space for you to fully step into your passion/purpose. What do you need to release? Where can you create more space?

module 4

The Priestess: Connection To Your Message & Why

Your WHY is your everything is. Aligning your vision with your values to your why for doing your work creates a thread of Divine Connection. This is your purpose and your passion. Clarity is key.โ€จ

module 5

The Creatrix: Program Creation

The Creatrix awakens for you to step into your creativity, take your passions and make them a reality. Here we will dive into what your offerings are, set up your organizational structure, and begin the process of identifying your ideal clients.

module 6

The Creatrix: Content Creation & Planning

Content is fun, educational, and exciting to create! It is an extension of your passion & purpose. In this module you will create a monthly content calendar that \ supports your vision and is authentic to you.

module 7

The Warrior: Integrity & Consistancy

The Warrior asks for you to step into your power and show up regardless of circumstance. We will focus on breaking through your blocks and fears that stop you from showing up and being the Warrior in your life.

module 8

The Warrior: Emailing & Growing Your Following

Here the Warrior is asking you to BE SEEN. You will learn how to grow your list, be heard, and set up and action plan for when you feel like falling out.

module 9

The Medicine Woman: Self Love & Care

Living your purpose, expressing your passion is no easy feat. This week is devoted to support you in up-leveling your self-care as your up-level your service. The more you show up for others, the more care you require and deserve. You canโ€™t pour from an empty cauldron!

module 10

The Wild Woman: Pleasure in Business & Networking

The woman loves to play and enjoy should bring this element into her business! What extra fun, value can you bring to your services, your life?! Most importantly who can you play with!? In this module, you will learn about networking, its benefits, and breakthrough your fears! We will develop your pitch & story telling skills!

module 11

The Queen: Follow Through & Law of Attraction

The Queen SHOWS UP! Follows through with her commitments when no one is looking and returns to her roots. Here you will discover what it will take you to keep going and realign with your WHY & the Law of Attraction

module 12

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- Danielle Humphrey

My coach, Sharon, is amazing. Through her love and support I have been able to move through secrets and beliefs that have held me hostage for nearly 30 years! I appreciate her honesty, when needed, and her encouragement. She really did see the best version of me that I couldn't yet see for myself. Through my work with her, I feel as if I've become a Goddess. If you are willing to accept your greatness and do the work to step into your Goddess form, I highly encourage you to work with Sharon.๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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