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My coach, Sharon, is amazing. Through her love and support I have been able to move through secrets and beliefs that have held me hostage for nearly 30 years! I appreciate her honesty, when needed, and her encouragement. She really did see the best version of me that I couldn't yet see for myself. Through my work with her, I feel as if I've become a Goddess. If you are willing to accept your greatness and do the work to step into your Goddess form, I highly encourage you to work with Sharon.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Absolutely invaluable. There aren't enough words that accurately describe the magic and blessings that open up after my work with Sharon! After my first coaching session with Sharon, I had a week of BIG, BIG, BIG insights, creativity and clarities that come through for myself personally, business-wise, you name it. As a coach and holistic practitioner myself I highly recommend Sharon as a coach of coaches, you can't go wrong in investing in yourself with her as your guide. My shifts and changes have been monumental and are yielding lasting results that are impacting myself, my clients, my family on every level. There's no going back <3 And I have never been more excited to live and create each day to its fullest. Cannot thank you nearly enough, Sharon! Bless you <3

Danielle Humphrey

Amanda Melissa Dodd

Sharon is a loving light along this journey of life. Sharon holds safe loving space allowing for deeper exploration and healing of the self. Her supportive and deep sessions helped to guide me back to living through creative expression and honoring myself while releasing shame and guilt from post partum and major loss in my life.

Sharon is deeply gifted in holding space, empathizing, allowing, and seeing her client. This space has proven time and again to be exactly what I've needed to uncover my own truth. She gently yet firmly guides this discovery through salient questions, intuition, and the invitation of silence. Sharon's own spiritual work informs her practice beautifully; she is present, grounded, grounding, inspiring, relate-able, and professional. I am eternally grateful to her for doing the work she was born to do with grace, ease, and passion. This woman is a gift and our sessions have illuminated my life at a level I'd never dreamed.

Ashley Arnold

Lizzy House

I was recently invited to join the Full Moon Circle Ritual by Sharon Rose in Phoenix, Arizona. After one Ritual, I can officially say that I am HOOKED! Not only was this a safe, beautiful, and sacred way to connect with other like-minded sisters, but it was a powerful way to learn about and understand my ancient connection to the Earth, to the Divine Feminine energy, to the Goddesses and Ancestors that came before me, and most importantly, to myself.

It was a magical experience and I believe that the energy, momentum, and intentions that we set forth are already having physical manifestations in my life! Not even 24 hours after my first ceremony, I received a new job opportunity that is in exact alignment with what I had been calling in that very night!

Kailee Savoie

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