Through deep connection with self, sister, and Goddess we unlock the awareness of our ancestral truth, courage, and passion within. The Goddess Unveiled group coaching program is birthed from a desire to support women in learning the Herstory of Womens faith and tradition and discover for themselves what has been buried for too long beneath the surface of their psyche. 

For too long women and powerful Sacred Divine Feminine figures have been hidden in support of a paradigm that does not serve us. It is time for us to reclaim our faith, our spirituality, and our right to engage, learn, and emulate the strength of the Goddess.

The Goddess Unveiled

8-week Group Coaching Program
2 Hour Zoom Call Weekly
Accountability Sister
Weekly Emails Included Recorded Calls! (You Get The Calls For Life!)
4 Goddess Ritual Sheets

6 Pre-recorded Meditations
Digital Goddess Workbook
30 Minute Call with Sharon Rose 
Valued at over $300!

General Info


You feel disconnected from yourself, spirituality or your faith
You are curious about Womens faith and traditions
You are seeking a deeper connection to self and other women
You want to explore the Goddess 
You are interested in Womens cycles and psychology 
You feel unsure of yourself, who you are, and want to develop your strength through community 
You want to feel inspired, heard, loved, and courageous 

Sister, this program is for you if:

The Goddess Unveiled is a space of sisterhood. You will Unveil within yourself parts of you never knew were there, pieces of you that were lost, and bring forth a new sense of fulfillment, grace, and unconditional love for self, life, and others.

In this program you will Unveil:

The Herstory of the Goddess through the Burning Times
The Archetype of the Goddess manifest through Gaia
Maiden, Mother, Crone Archetypes
Pagan Traditions, Wheel of the Year
The Power of Covens, Connection, and Ritual
The Moon Cycles
Magic Manifesting with the Law of Attraction
The time of the Matriarch is now. You are ready. Be willing to be the leader and Goddess in your life. You have everything you need within.

This is what you can expect:

Accountability & Creation
Deep conversation, story telling, healing, and vulnerability
Life long support and sisterhood
A new understanding of what it means to be a woman
A safe space to be yourself, share yourself, and create yourself 

This Goddess Unveiled and this sisterhood is here to support you in birthing your highest, truest, most vibrant self into the world. 

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- Danielle Humphrey

My coach, Sharon, is amazing. Through her love and support I have been able to move through secrets and beliefs that have held me hostage for nearly 30 years! I appreciate her honesty, when needed, and her encouragement. She really did see the best version of me that I couldn't yet see for myself. Through my work with her, I feel as if I've become a Goddess. If you are willing to accept your greatness and do the work to step into your Goddess form, I highly encourage you to work with Sharon.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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